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Marketing and Media Corraspondent 


JS Media & Marketing specializes in endorsements, appearances, Representations, Social Media, Branding and media for Professionals, Athletes and politicians. Based outside of Atlanta Georgia, JSMM has spent years building a multitude of relationships and connections with companies and brands that utilize professionals from all walks of life from branding and revenue growth. JSM puts focus on endorsements through traditional, non-traditional and social media campaigns.


We search out high character athletes and professionals who display Christian values and want to maximize their off the field opportunities to create a substantial income that will last years after retirement. 


JSMM is personally and solely dedicated to maximizing our clients revenue streams.

Media Correspondent:

JSMM provides Social, Video, Photo and written media for some of todays most trusted media outlets in today's NFL and College Football seen.  We have bee providing sideline resources for University of Georgia Football for over five seasons while working with The Calhoun Times, RVG Online News, Ellijay Time Courier, 24/7 Sports and Ken Ward Photography.

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